Crystal Chandelier for Modern House

Crystal Chandelier for Modern House

The living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallways in the house should be treated with modern house lighting ideas
The best lighting is not only decorative but it can be used to set the atmosphere in the room

There are many types of modern house lighting ideas to choose. If you want the luxurious one, select a chandelier. Many people think that a chandelier is only perfect to adorn the traditional and old fashioned house. It is not always true. If you want to adorn the guest room, you can install a Swarovski crystal encrusted chandelier. It can bring luxury modern house. If you just want to enjoy easy and simple design, choose a curved chandelier framed in metal sheet. If you want to set a romantic look by using a nice, you can pick an antique wrought iron chandelier. You can have it in gray or black accent.


The future of intelligent lighting Not only provides (2)

 The future of intelligent lighting  Not only provides lighting(2) 

Smart bulb lights change with the film
Philips and Syfy movie companies, especially the timeline for the plot and content changes automatically preset lighting program , even if you are streaming via Netflix or Amazon Instant Video online viewing , the system can also bring light after the automatic identification changes. Syfy Sync as the network ‘s second -screen interactive applications that can automatically identify the movie or TV show where a part has been played , then the relevant content to show up on the iPad or iPhone, then choose a different scene , according to the different circumstances lighting configuration.

After open the function, through the voice on the screen of the match, can bring immersive experience for the user. Such as the shark from heaven 2: once again “in the movie, if the plot development to underwater, then all the lights will automatically switch to blue, bring us as if place oneself the sense of undersea world.


Perfect Light For Living Room Interior Decorating

A good light can bring a different feel to the room

Living room interior decorating is not only about the wall paint, floor treatment and accessories. You need to think about the perfect lighting to bring illusion in the room.

If you like to enjoy the open space at home, you can present big and wide glass window to make the room fresh and fun. The natural lighting can flow inside the house. Thus you do not need to turn on the artificial lighting in the morning. You can get the light from the natural sun light. It is good for you do not need to spend a lot of cash for paying the electricity. When the evening comes, you should turn on the artificial light.


The future of intelligent lighting Not only provides lighting

The future of intelligent lighting  Not only provides lighting
 Intelligent lighting system has become the most important things in the field of a product , whether it is from a functional , decorative or energy saving speaking, intelligent lighting are in constant development and progress , meet the various needs of people , bring greater convenience  for our lives

About  the future of intelligent lighting system , in fact, just use the phone to control the lamp switch , changing the color or the remote control easily. And we need to intelligent lighting, need light towards a more humane, more comfortable, predicting the direction of user requirements in advance.


Which kind of chandelier is suitable for your house?- part 3

 If you want to install lamps which will never affect the environment, you can choose the green lighting. You can save money by using the compressed fluorescent lamps. The lamps are cooler compared to other types of light bulbs. You can use the lamps to mimic the daylight. Thus, your eyes will never get bothered with the illumination. If you want natural light during the day, you can install skylight on the ceiling. Many contemporary houses are equipped with such natural modern house lighting ideas.