Simple turn to beauty onetime

Displaying an impressive contemporary white theme and elegantly adorned with crystal lighting. By employing a harmonious mix of furniture items and decorations, a seamless transition between spaces was achieved. Chrystal chandeliers were used as focal points, each room glowing with appeal.

Feast your eyes on this impressive lighting collection displaying an immaculate design. We particularly like the idea of “handmade”, which is why we salute this project and looking forward to seeing it on the global market.


The metal support however doesn’t seem to “blend in”;  what do you think? 


Colored Pencils for Interior Decorating, Unique Lighting Design Idea

Colored Pencils for Interior Decorating, Unique Lighting Design Idea

Unique lighting fixtures shaped like colored pencils look bright, surprising and playful. This original lighting design idea create a giant lamp, which is interesting and unusual, perfect for creative interior decorating, but versatile and suitable for any room and office designs. Lushome presents this new lighting design by studio Michael & George.

This unique lighting fixture can lean against the wall and brightly illuminate the room like any traditional lamps. The cable attached to its base adds more charm and meaning to the unique lighting design. The cable, stretching into the core of a pencil, creates the illusion of a drawn line and enhance beautiful and stylized modern lighting.
This lighting fixture is envisioned in London based studio Michael & George and is available in five different colors. The unique lighting design is a combinations of wood, brass and rubber, and each material creates the pencil shell, lead and eraser. Realistic details make the pencil-shaped lighting fixture even more attractive.

The lamp in the form of a colored pencil is cute and creative, perfect for kids and adults interior decorating. Designers wanted to pay tribute to a colored pencil, the writing tool and symbol of creativity, which gets gradually replaced by modern gadgets.
These lamps are creatively designed and make wonderful gifts in elegant wooden boxes. The unique lighting fixtures can spice up any interior decorating and add truly interesting, colorful, stylish and functional accents to modern homes, public spaces and office designs.


Bright Interior Design on Small Budget, Small Apartment Decorating in Scandinavian Style

Bright Interior Design on Small Budget, Small Apartment Decorating in Scandinavian Style
Modern interior design and home decorating ideas can be cheap, creating bright rooms and attractive decor. For example, the romantic classic small chandelier, green plants, warm clock.Creative interior design and decor are ideal for inexpensive decorating small apartments and designing light and airy rooms in simple and elegant Scandinavian style.
Here is a collection of modern apartment ideas and tips for decorating small apartments or homes on a small budget while adding personality to living spaces and converting them into lovely, functional and comfortable homes. This small and charming apartment is located in Gothenburg, Sweden and demonstrate optimistic and harmonious interior design and decor.

The charming antique details are blended with contemporary lighting, modern room furniture and decor accessories, connecting the old and modern times and bringing harmony into old home interiors. Decorating small apartments with inexpensive, space saving and functional room furniture and using a few eye-catching details or antique architectural features, like a vintage chandeliers, an antique chandelier or unique artistic chandeliers, different styles can be light updifferent atmosphere.give character to apartment ideas and convert old home interiors into interesting and modern.