Living room decoration and lighting

1,foyer, lobby, corridor lighting.

The general hall, lobby, corridor lighting lamps selected general spherical lamp small, flat circular or square ceiling lamps, its specifications, size, size and living room should be supporting. Sometimes with a lamp in the doorway. The entrance hall, corridor lights should be the principal and the other room, time points, and the lobby is a public building of the hall, it is important cloth lamp, lighting is often one of the iconic decoration, should be richly decorated, luxurious and exquisite.

2, The living room lighting.
The living room has a reception hall and Home Furnishing large living room, large lounge is a mixed cloth lamp, reflect luxury, exquisite ethnic style. The ideal design is: the number of lighting and brightness are adjustable, so that the family style fully displayed. Commonly used for general lighting and local lighting combination, namely a main light, adding other auxiliary lighting. Such as: wall lamp, Tongdeng, lamp etc.. On the main lighting, if the living room floors in the around 3M, to use the mid-range luxury type crystal chandelier; story in 2.5M below, to use the mid-range of decorative ceiling lamps or without the main light; if the height of more than 3.5M above the living room, can use high grade, size slightly larger chandelier or ceiling lamps.


Choose the right lighting for your dining room.

Buying a dining room lighting can be very difficult for some people .Because the lightfixtures can determine the mood in the house . If you want a romantic and fun effect, then you can choose recessed lighting ,track lamps ,LED lighting etc. Even you want a stylish look ,you can choose a chandelier .

In old days ,people think that chandelier can be formal look .But nowadays, it has many types.
If you need contemporary design, choose those one in polished  brass or chrome finish.
If you need rustic style ,choose the wrought iron chandeliers.
You can choose the right chandelier as per your expectation .

What is more, besides the primary lighting , you can add some secondary lighting . For example ,if you want a neutral feeling in your dining room, you can choose the shade in lime green ,tan or white color. If you want a romantic feeling , then you can light up the colorful candles on the table .