Avoid mistakes when choosing the chandeliers for your house

In order not to make mistakes when choosing your chandelier .Some factors you should 
take into consideration.
The Wrong Size Problem: It will be better if your chandelier is about 2.5 meter away from the floor . And you should calculate the the size of your room .Then you can know what size is suitable for your chandelier.  
The Hanging Too High/Too Low Issue: Keep in mind when purchasing a chandelier the height of your ceiling. Ensure that no one will bump their heads when it’s hanging! There are more options if the ceilings are higher than average, but all others need to take care when it comes to the hanging height.
The Out of Place/Awkward Mistake: A lighting fixture doesn’t necessarily have to match your interior design, but it does have to complement it. Check out decorating advice before making your purchase. Of course you want your new chandelier to stand out – but only in a good way!


Paris Fashion Week-Find your own beauty-part 2

Today we continue to talk about the beauty issue for your house .

If you want your house become beautiful ,then you must choose the suitable decoration .For

 example ,the furniture ,the painting of the house and the chandeliers ,etc.

Take the crystal chandelier/light fixture for a example . Crystal chandelier can transform your home and make it the envy of everyone that visits. Or, if you choose the wrong chandelier, it could become a major eyesore. That’s something that everyone wants to avoid! There are a few common mistakes that people make that chandelier buyers should take into consideration,
such as the Wrong Size Problem. A chandelier that’s too big or too small for the space can make the entire room feel awkward. You don’t want to feel completely overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the chandelier. That’s why choosing the appropriate size is essential!


Crystal Chandelier VS Beauty

Crystal chandeliers are definitely one of the most popular and well-known types of chandeliers in the world. They are an exceptional element of taste and style which can literally brighten any room. And when I say “any”… I mean any.
But you have to take into consideration the style of your home and of the specific room in which the chandelier will be installed. They come in a lot of designs, shapes, and sizes but they have to be in harmony with the room (thank you, logic!).

The kind of crystals used in a chandelier can also be made from different materials such as: glass crystal, rock crystal, Asfour lead, or Waterford crystal. Amber or black crystals have a more dominant look and create a bigger impression on the viewer , but they are also distinct and imposing.

If you are a true vintage fan and want to have a Victorian, old-fashioned atmosphere in your home, you can opt for a clear crystal chandelier made from 100% pure crystal. They are the statement piece of this type of chandelier.


10 Crystal Chandeliers To Own — Chapter 1

Crystal chandeliers are perfect to add some extra glamour and elegance to your home. From styles that range from traditional to modern, crystal lighting is pure luxury. The combination of light, crystal, and glass creates a gorgeous visual effect that fits a variety of spaces. The aesthetic appeal of crystal chandeliers makes it a beautiful statement piece, whether the light is on or off.

Check out some of of our favorite crystalchandelier designs:

1 – Vixen, by corbett – $782.00 to $3968.00
The transitional Vixen chandelier is sure to enhance any room in your home. Made of hand-crafted iron, accented by the additional sparkle of a fall of crystal beads.

2 – Crystal sensation, by ET2 – $1698.00 to $2598.00

Beautiful C shaped channels of polished chrome support elegant strands of illustrious Egyptian crystal. This crystal is brought to life by numerous LED modules concealed within the frame.

the new concept of decorating definition,u have change u idea

Lighting that is functional and decorative
When decorating a room, don’t just focus on the furniture and little accents. Make sure you light up the room with lamps, wall sconces,modern crystal chandelier and so on. I would even venture to say that lighting is more important than furniture, because you won’t be able to see your furniture without that lighting!the variation of light and shadow in a room creates a nice mood.


Light source that is directional will help create many shadows, which is typical of wall sconce lighting. Standing lamps, on the other hand, tend to disperse light in all directions to light up the entire room. Both types of lighting are good options, and you can have both in the same room to give you the option of bright light or mood lighting. If you want to emphasize only certain areas of the room, then lights like the wall sconces will be effective. For a more modern look, you can opt for the bronze shell sconce.

It’s important to keep lighting in mind when decorating a room, because the way the light falls on surfaces will change the way they look. This is particularly true of your wall color, which looks slightly different in different lighting. That’s why I like to set up the lights I plan to have in the room first, then paint some test strips of different colors on the walls to see which I like best. I also love using string lights!

Modern restaurant and Lighting

The modern restaurant can look casual and formal According decoration. If you want to enjoy the relaxed feeling, you can choose a simple, easy decoration. Conversely, if you want to enjoy a formal feeling, you can choose a highly polished style. In determining the style of a good restaurant, you need to choose a style consistent with the chandeliers.

Modern restaurant if it is neutral and natural colors.You can purchase soil paint like tan, brown,rust and white. Bright colors, such as yellow, green, lavender and maroon shade can support applications on molding,trim and window bays. Lighting plays a very important role in the restaurant,so the choice of lighting, pay attention to the size and the overall size of the restaurant lights are consistent, whether with color appearance, generally minimalist modern style chandeliers in many restaurants is very suitable .


A customized gifts for your house,Home lighting fixture ideas

Home lighting fixture ideas

Home light fixtures are something which one cannot do without. Whether it be home or school, office or a public library one would need light in every place. When it comes to your home, light is an extremely important aspect of the décor. Frankly speaking, I never realized the importance of the same until I began renovating my home.

During the beginning stages of the renovation, I realized that the look or the feel of any room can change when it comes to home lighting fixtures. Did you know there are decorative lights, fluorescent lights among several other options? I realized that there are several patterns and styles of light fixtures that you can get. Modern to rustic, Victorian to studio there is a large variety that you can get.

When it comes to home light fixtures, one should remember to check for their performance, superior quality and reliability. What I did when I was choosing my sunwe worldchandelier for my living room was that it should accent my pieces of furniture very well. In fact it enhanced the beauty of the place tremendously. However remember that it should blend in your home theme very well. Do not forget the functionality of the light along with it ease of use. For example using warmer and cozy light for a softer feel of the room would be a good idea.


Choose the right chandelier for your room

Crystal chandeliers can change the style of your home furnished, when guests come to visit will be very envious. However, if you choose thewrong chandelier, it is likely to become a major thorn in the side. At this time, everyone wants to avoid such an embarrassing scene, here are a few common mistakes that is the problem when people choose the right chandelier should be considered.
About the wrong size problem: a chandelier if installed in too large or too small space, can make the whole room feel awkward. You do not want to feel completely overwhelmed or chandelier impressed. This is why selecting the right size is essential!
Hanging over / under question: should pay attention to the height of the ceiling at the time of purchase chandeliers, hanging position to ensure that it does not hit someone else’s head, there are more choices, if the ceiling is higher than average, but they need someone care, when it comes to the suspension height.
a chandelier does not have to match your interior design, but it does need to be supplemented. allowing you to check out before buying and decorating advice.of course, you want your new chandelier stand out – and only such a good idea!

Contemporary Chandeliers and Pendant Lights.

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Different Materials Crystal Chandelier Used With Great Designs

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