Bedroom lamp selection techniques

The bedroom is a very important role in the home, whether it is working people or old people or students, bedrooms are very important for us, home environment. A beautiful, warm, elegant bedroom lamp can definitely give your bedroom to add a lot of color. It is up to how to choose the ideal for their bedroom lighting it? Bedroom lamp selection techniques, what does?

1、Bedroom light not too bright. Since the bedroom was originally the rest of the lights should be moderate based. People have a warm feel. Initiative with yellow lights, do not use energy-saving lamps. My living room is also more than a dozen squares, using energy-saving lamps, white, and particularly bright. But feel cold colors. I also used the yellow bedroom mild, so every time into the bedroom feel comfortable.

The bedroom should be more equipped with several lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc., should be able to adjust, mixed use, in order to create a warm atmosphere. Available wall lamps, floor lamps to replace the central interior dome light. Wall suitably low brightness diffuse appearance lampshade materials, so make the bedroom seem moderate light, conducive to rest; also can be equipped with a lamp hanging lamp in the room right place, upload a bedside lamp, and that several lights to separately controlled.


Redecorate your bathroom with limited budget

Want to redecorate your bathroom with limited budget ? Small changes can make a huge difference! While it might not strike you as immediately obvious, a crystal chandelier might be exactly the upgrade your bathroom is in need of. Read on for more bathroom lighting tips.

First : Embrace The Power of The Dimmer Switch:  Nearly every modern 
crystal chandelier can be wired to work with a dimmer switch. The ability to choose the level of lighting for your bathroom offers a host of decorating possibilities. By keeping lights low, you can bathe your bathroom in a soft glow that’s guaranteed to make even the most outdated bathrooms seem grand. For those with sparkling new fixtures, flooding the room with light effectively adds a level of drama to your bathroom and showcases your hard work.

Second : Choose A Focal Point: Use your chandelier to create a focal point to your bathroom. By installing an elegant chandelier in your favorite part of the room, you are effectively drawing eyes to that portion of the room (and away from other areas you might not be as fond of). Use your lighting fixture to showcase what you love and draw attention away from what you don’t.

Third :Experiment With Bulb Color: Today’s light bulbs come in a range of colors. No longer are you stuck with the traditional white light options. Browse your local lighting store for colored bulb options and experiment with different options. With a little trial and error, you’re sure to find the hue that best showcases your bathroom.


Home design and lighting tips

Old World and modern style combine for home decor provides offers drama, elegance and individuality. Europe draw inspiration from the old world, into the glamor of this style of design, the unique feeling of warmth and style to your home. Combines old-world elegance with today’s modern family requires some know-how and experience. Before crystal chandelier shopping, do some research survey, the following are some tips warm

1、Know Your Colors: this style decor relies heavily on earth tones. Bright colors, crazy patterns and bold yellow or orange accents will detract from the overall feel of this style .Think of what you would find in a cozy cabin in the middle of the European Countryside. If it seems too outlandish for that setting, you are best leaving it alone.
2、Accent makes all the difference: jewelry to complete a lamps lining the hallway is perfect for a true European style.

ny wardrobe. Home accent to complete any decorative scheme. Wrought iron accessories such as candles, candlesticks and pewter
3、Look Where Your Feet Are: When it comes to flooring, terra cotta tiles are best for a Tuscan feel. Stones with intricate mosaics work as well. Antique rugs will lend a sense of cozy warmth as long as they adhere to the Tuscan color scheme.


simplicity and utility chandelier

Do you know the Scandinavian interior designs ? Nowadays it is very popular style .Some people like the simplicity and utility products ,then you should consider this style ,which is free of too much clutter or ornamentation and whose colors are usually earthy, neutral, soft shades. 

As we know, the light play an important role in our house decoration . Having natural light is important to create the open, airy feeling.  But not every house can get the natural light ,so choosing the right light fixture is the key process .

We’ve picked out three different options for you  that would be perfect for a Scandinavian design. Come on and find the most suitable chandelier for your house !


How to equip your home to be like a spa,Through the romantic night

How to equip your home to be like a spa

A house is more than a structure made from bricks and cement. It is a place where you take those sweet coffee sips with your family. Here are some easy and effective ideas which will help you transform your home into a Spa oasis.
Pick a suitable robe
You must choose a robe according to the weather or the temperature of your room.Only Necessities offers Chenille robes featuring a full button front. These robes cover you completely to keep you warm. Go for a PJ Luxe Chenille robe if you want a sexier robe. Pick the one having a front tie closure and a hem that hits the knees. Go for a breathable cotton bath robe if your room or the weather is hot.

Decorate the selected room and bathroom with dim lighting

·         You can use some lighting fixtures to create a nice ambiance in the room and bathroom. You can install a three light fixture in your bathroom. Pick a fixture featuring Silver finish and frosted Glass. Such fixtures emit light that creates a subtle pattern on the walls. You can use table lamps or another one light fixture to decorate the room. You can also pick a chandelier that allows you to set different lighting levels. Here, I will choose my most love sunwe crystal chandelier Maria Theresa chandeliers to increase  romantic astmosphere.( http://www.worldchandeliers.com/chandeliers/maria-theresa-chandeliers.html) Don’t forget to place some scented candles in the room and bathroom.

·         Fill up your bathtub with water and rose petals

You can first fill the bath tub and then put in some rose petals. You can also use the petals of various other colorful flowers. Pick flowers that are known for their therapeutic properties. Flowers will not only make you smell great after a bath but they will also relieve your stress.