Is your kitchen beautiful?

 People think highly of their kitchen and toilets.So they will be well decorated and cleaned  up .The kitchen will be hanged up with some beautiful island chandelier

And the English country kitchen will feature a stove. people can pick the modern one for it is easily installed. If you want to stay traditional, you can install stone or brick archway around the stove. Another interesting item in the simple kitchen design is a cabinet. It can come in dark brown finish to suit with color of the kitchen island. The cabinet can feature a glass door. Paint the trim in the cabinet door with solid color. You can make it distressed to deliver rustic effect in the kitchen. If you want clean look in pictures of simple kitchen designs, you can go with distressed white cabinets.


If you meet a boss who appreciate the art of living, you are lucky

If you meet a boss who appreciate the art of living, you are lucky
———————Good boss should not only know to make money, it is necessary to create a good working atmosphere, as Google team

Unique lighting fixtures and ceiling designs add playful and original feel to Google’s office design in Dublin. Bright interior design colors are integrated in dynamic office interiors, creating cheerful and energetic office design. The new office design aspects of the evolution, mainly from the person’s imagination, more free custom originates from the http://www.worldchandeliers.com/ sunwe team

Beautiful and innovative, stylish and unique lighting fixtures and ceiling designs add character to modern interiors blending comfort with functionality and enhancing interesting and original office designs. The giant office design project created 47,000 sq m of bold and colorful workspace for the Google EU Headquarters. It is a part-time home for employees from more than 65 countries.

Apart from innovative office designs, the Master plan required the successful organization of a multitude of additional functions, such as 5 restaurants, 42 micro kitchens and communication hubs, game rooms, fitness center, pool, wellness areas, conference, learning and development center, tech stops, over 400 informal and formal meeting rooms and phone booths and so on.

Each level of the newly constructed Google Docks main campus building has a special theme, reflected through different materials, room colors, shapes, furnishings and modern lighting fixtures. The BE GREEN interior design theme is inspired by nature and expressing Google’s ecological focus. The @HOME decorating is dedicated to offering employees cozy, friendly and relaxing interior design and decor and creating an inspiring and stimulating environment.

beautiful house with crystal chandelier

Beautiful and large house, whose exterior is made in beige color. There is a large courtyard with a manicured lawn in front of the house.Are trees around
the house All the windows in the house of wood.

In the dining room there is a table for 6 people.Above the table there is a chandelier.This is white crystal chandelier Such as the color of the walls and floor color echoes.

Spacious living room in a modern style. Mix of bright colors full of vitality.Yet simple design,Chandelier in the backdrop of the white ceiling obvious.Simple in with their own flavor.


Choose the right restaurant lighting

Modern home, the restaurant is increasingly becoming an important venue, good layout of the restaurant, you can create a comfortable dining environment. Due to the different current home apartment, restaurant decoration, lighting an enjoyable contrast layout exquisite dining atmosphere. Therefore, the choice should be based on the restaurant table lamp focus on establishing a primary light source, and then with some of the best auxiliary lights, shapes, sizes, colors and materials, should be based on the size of the restaurant, with the surrounding environment with style accordingly, Here I will introduce the restaurant lighting decoration tips.

Chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, downlights, which are available as an alternative restaurant lamp. If the lower storey room in general, should choose a primary source downlights or ceiling lights. If enough spacious restaurant, choose chandeliers primary light source, matched Wall for auxiliary lighting just the best way. In the choice of the restaurant chandelier, it is necessary to determine the size of the lamp according to the size of the table. Table longer, should use a row of small chandelier composed by a number of styles. The restaurant lights are more focused on creating an eating mood, heighten warm, romantic home atmosphere, therefore, should try to choose warm colors, you can adjust the brightness of the light source.


Select the appropriate lighting for girls bedroom

Select girls room interior design is a bit difficult, if space is a shared room. Those who live in a small house, sharing a room to reduce space consumption. If you have two girls, it will be effective if you let them sleep in a bedroom. However, each girl has a different taste and personality. Every detail of the bedroom they are required, which select on the bedroom lighting is also very important.

Teenage girls have a dream,always wanted to have a look very warm and beautiful bedrooms,they like simple personality style, pure colors,beautiful light emitted bedroom lights,so choosing a suitable bedroom lamps for girls is very important,choose crystal chandeliers with modern personality style,definitely makes the whole bedroom is very warm and grades,and people feel very warm.


Children’ s room

Nowadays,many parents want to give their children a nice bedroom.

The modern style is perfect, because children  tend to clutter their room . It emphasizes on the sense of minimalism and simplicity. Even though the room is small, it can look bright and big with perfect decoration style. To represent the modern feeling, you can paint the wall with vivid, bright and solid colors.

If you want to enjoy pattern in modern children bedroom ideas, you can choose stripes, geometric shapes, polka dot and tribal print. If you want to enjoy popular color combination, choose blue, pink and brown. There are many types of themes to apply on the modern children sleeping area. You can select the native American, sport, rainforest, dinosaur, princess, Harley Davidson, renaissance, jungle or even rock and roll themes. Choose the one suitable with personality of your kids. The furniture should be available in clean and subtle lines.

What is more  ,you can purchase a table or even floor lamp if the kids need more illumination when he or she wants to read or study in their room. Choose the lighting fixtures wrapped in metal accent to carry the shining feeling in modern children bedroom ideas.

A beautiful light fixture can bring nice mood to your children .


Decorate your living room.

In order to make your room become a attractive space ,you should concentrate the interior design of your living room .If you can provide enough lighting ,it can let your room become more open .The right light fixture can make the room open and fun.

Don’t decorate the wall dark hue, instead ,choose the bright hues . And you should choose the simple and sleek furniture ,so that they will not consume much space .If you are a fashion person ,then you can create a stylish room by put some greenery. And you also can hang on some modern crystal chandeliers . With the clear and elegant crystals ,the chandelier will bring you the brilliant environment.  A nice day begin with a good mood .


The right choice for the bedroom lamps

In the modern home life, the role of lighting is not limited only to lighting, lighting is a work of art, 
an ornament, we will now look at how to use light to increase the indoor temperature and create an atmosphere appropriate mix of family adds a winter warmth.

The key is the atmosphere of the bedroom, the rest of the personal privacy of the bedroom is the room is the bedroom and soft lighting design elements, so as to ensure the owner of emotional relaxation. The bedroom lighting to warm to warm yellow tone. Meanwhile, on the bedside before insert tube lighting or wall lamp, can also be embedded in the Curio tube lighting, the room more romantic and comfortable atmosphere. In addition, according to preferences and personal style of interior decoration lighting suitable light source color in the winter with yellow, red, purple is the most appropriate. High color temperature of the light source will appear fresh and bright theme, the use of high color temperature of the light source in low light situations will make the room look pale. From nightlights tend to be more considerate than the dome light.


How to choose the right home decoration lighting

Among the modern home decoration, the role is not limited to lighting fixtures have been, and instead I personally believe more strongl,decorative,lamps,because so many people now choose to have the screenwriters lamps,lamps according to different How many properties into various categories, so the choice of lamps also have some difficulty coefficient.lamps like stars in our homes, to bring us in the dark and bright, but the lighting is not good if you choose, this effect is reflected not only does not come out, but also make people feel irritable, and some will even affect the guests came to visit, integrated in which the total of the total reason the choice of lamps described are very important.

In general, the living room to choose solemn, bright chandelier or ceiling is appropriate. If the room is higher or style in Europe and America, it is appropriate chandelier, it will give the living room seem transparent, but not with all the down light chandelier, while the upper space should have a certain brightness to reduce the brightness difference between the upper and lower spaces. If the room is low, add the available ceiling lamps floor lamps, living room looks so bright and generous, with a sense of the times. Lamp shape and color to be coordinated with the living room furniture.


Home office lighting

Different rooms need different lightings
In this article,let us talk about what lighting is suitable for home office.
we should choose a good lighting, in order to help you create a comfortable working area.

In order to work effectively ,please make sure that you apply a bright type of lighting . Dim light will be inconvenient since it will lead you to eyesight which will make you less 
concentrate in completing your work. 

Besides there are also various type of lighting that are applicable for your home office, first is task light which will help you reducing eye strain and make you focus on your computer and paper. Ambient light can also be added as your home office lighting, since their performance will help you in relieving the stress.
There are also corrective light which is also used to help you in relieving your eyes strain and migraines, applying this type of lighting will be very helpful for those who work in front of the computer for a long period. 

Therefore,finding a suitable lighting for your home office is very necessary.