5 Lighting Design Ideas, Designer Lights for Modern Interiors

5 Lighting Design Ideas, Designer Lights for Modern Interiors

The unique lighting fixtures from the Plus Collection blend creativity in lighting design with architectural forms and offer comfortable ceiling lamps that create the effect of daylight.
The new lighting design adopts the function of a skylight, creating bright and modern interior decorating and transforming ceiling designs.

Tip of the Tongue table lamps
This spherical table lamps are balancing on the edges of their stands and look very playful, unusual and pleasant. The unique lighting design by London based Michael Anastassiades features an attractive cylindrical base and a glowing sphere. This modern tablelamps challenge traditional symmetry, adding more interest to interior decorating.

The table lamps are made of a milky white glass and a shiny brass base. These unique lighting fixturescan be used as floor lamps also, but they look especially spectacular on side tables at night. The unique lighting design is elegant and versatile. It can complement any interior decorating style, and will look in classic and modern home interiors.

Portable flexible lamps Kangaroo
This small lamp is convenient and innovative. The lighting design idea is from design studio Banana Things. The flexible lamp features 24 built-in LED lights that allow it to fit into a bag in any size. The designers create the original portable lamp to use anywhere, day and night. It is perfect for reading a book, writing or camping. This lighting design idea allows to take the lamp anywhere you go.
The small portable lamp has a few modes and a battery designed for 2.5 hours of continuous work. The portable lamp can be easily recharged from a laptop using its USB- port. Flexible portable lamp can be operated in continuous wave mode, flicker and pulsate with different frequency, changing the light intensity and saving energy.

5 Lighting Design Ideas, Designer Lights for Modern Interiors

5 Lighting Design Ideas, Designer Lights for Modern Interiors

Vibia Plus Ceiling Lampslook unusual, contemporary and very stylish. The lamps can be painted in a desired color to make it blend perfectly into the ceiling designs and existing decor. The lighting design features dimmable ballasts so the light brightness can be adjusted to different scenes and create cheerful and festive or calming and romantic mood.
The Vibia Plus ceiling lamps, www.vibia.com/presents a series of interesting lighting fixtures designed by X. Claramunt and M. de Mas. Offering a diffuse and uniform light distribution, these modern lighting fixtures come in a diameter ranging from 80 cm to 120 cm (40 – 48 inches).

Unique lighting fixturesin these sizes and instantly noticeable, and create beautiful decorations for simple, lacking any interest ceiling designs. Some of the models are asymmetrical, adding fabulous accents to modern interior decorating and providing different experiences.
Modern lighting design ideas       
Ceiling lights, hanginglamps, table lamps and floor lamps bring brightness and creative design ideas into modern interior decorating. Lushome presents designer lights that demonstrate latest trends in lighting design.

Outdoor Living Spaces, 25 Ideas to Improve Outdoor Home Decorating with Lights

Outdoor Living Spaces, 25 Ideas to Improve Outdoor Home Decorating with Lights
Outdoor lights and furniture for decorating outdoor seating area
Creative outdoor lights make people feel comfortable and happy when they are sitting outside in their yard or on their terraces and balconies. Glowing in the dark outdoor lights create a relaxing atmosphere for spending wonderful time with friends or family members. Creative, contemporary lighting or outdoor lights in vintage style add a sense of comfort to backyard designs and balcony decorating at night time.

Beautiful garden design, terrace or balcony decorating look charming and romantic with outdoor lights which are stunning outdoor home decorations. Creative outdoor lights, contemporary lighting fixtures or lamps in vintage style beautify yard landscaping and brighten up open deck or balcony decorating. Outdoor lights add a unique touch to outdoor rooms and elegantly style outdoor home decorating ideas.

contemporary outdoor lights and garden furniture, outdoor seating area on wooden deck

Creative lighting design for decorating outdoor room

Outdoor Living Spaces, 25 Ideas to Improve Outdoor Home Decorating with Lights

Outdoor Living Spaces, 25 Ideas to Improve Outdoor Home Decorating with Lights

Outdoor lights beautify outdoor living spaces and improve your home decorating. There are different kinds of outdoor lights used for porches and terraces, balcony decorating and garden design. LED lights are efficient and very attractive, eco friendly and stylish.Lushome shares 25 ideas for outdoor home decorating with lights.
Outdoor lighting design is a very important and popular element of outdoor home decor for many reasons. LED lights for outdoor rooms are inexpensive, and the bulbs last a lot longer than traditional lighting fixtures. Outdoor lights with LED bulbs are great for garden design, balcony decorating or backyard designs.

You can decorate plants and sculptures with outdoor lights or hang them adding fabulous accents to outdoor home decorating. Contemporary lighting fixtures and handmade hanging lights make wonderful yard decorations that enhance outdoor home decorating and add festive mood to backyard designs.

Outdoor lights and ideas for outdoor home decorating

Outdoor seating area, lighting design and outdoor furniture
Outdoor lights create safe and beautiful environment, stretching home interiors and creating gorgeous outdoor living spaces out in the yard. Without the proper lighting design, people will be tripping over things. Outdoor lights turn backyard designs, balconies, porches and terraces into inviting and pleasant spaces.

Beautiful flower gardens, trees and shrubs look majestic highlighted with outdoor lights. Attractive, functional and creative lighting enriches beautiful garden garden design and stylishly decorates balconies, patios, open decks, terraces and porches.

house nearby forest

house nearby forest

Beautiful house in a pink color scheme, which is located in the forest. The house was built in a classical style. The house is surrounded by evergreen coniferous trees. Metal windows installed on it.

Living room is in a classical style, with comfortable chairs and a sofa for guests. The chandelier in the center of the living room only emphasizes comfort, and paintings on the walls help in creating an atmosphere of calm and expensive interior.

In the center of the sofa is a sofa. It can fit several people. And on either side of him there is a collection of children’s toys. Toys are on the shelves.the crystal chandelier spilling light into the room.


Living room decoration lighting selection techniques

Different lighting has a specific role in the styles of bedroom environment. In general, when selecting lighting to grasp their own overall home style, avoiding the purchase of lighting conflict with the overall decor. When selecting lighting and lighting conditions how is the primary factor considered, then there is to consider different options for different positions of various types of lighting.
living room in general or to choose some bright, gorgeous lighting better shape, decorative chandelier should be a good choice. If the overall emphasis on European-style home, it is the best choice for crystal class lighting with a bright shining lights luxury express a feeling of grandeur. If the home is focused on the classical style, you should choose the style simple and refined elegance of atmospheric lighting to achieve a good home-style uniform.

Wall lights embedded mixed: When installing wall lamp, wall lamp and wall to consider the relationship, and nowadays rich paint colors, you can change the color of the walls, which allows the wall lamp on the wall does not seem isolated. Such as white or light yellow walls, wall you can choose light green, light blue, lake green wall lamp; sky-blue wall can be equipped with white, yellow, brown wall lamp. On the background wall, a prominent Wall lamp, not only to become the crowning touch, but also gives a sense of elegant and fresh.


Metal Recycling Ideas, Outdoor Furniture and Lighting Fixtures Made of Metal Barrels

Metal Recycling Ideas, Outdoor Furniture and Lighting Fixtures Made of Metal Barrels

Modern furniture and lighting fixtures recycling metal barrels
Metal tables and chairs appear light and weightless. Unique lighting fixtures, recycling metal barrels, offer interesting and gorgeous centerpieces. Creative decoration patterns come alive with any light sources, adding stunning details to
interior decorating or outdoor rooms.

Recycling metal and offering unique furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures from Dentelles & Bidons are wonderful ideas. Durable, moisture and rust resistant, these unique furniture items feature a special coating and can be personalizes with color or pattern.

Unique lighting fixtures recycling metal barrels

Metal Recycling Ideas, Outdoor Furniture and Lighting Fixtures Made of Metal Barrels

Metal Recycling Ideas, Outdoor Furniture and Lighting Fixtures Made of Metal Barrels

Metal barrels are great material for recycling and outdoor furniture design. Lushome presents fabulous recycling idea and extraordinary creations from the collection of outdoor furniture and lighting fixtures designed by Dentelles & Bidons.

This collection of hand carved outdoor furniture and lighting fixtures, created by French designers Anne and Philippe Guilbaud three years ago, is stunning, eco friendly and innovative. Perfect for informal interior design, rustic cabin or cottage decorating, these unique furniture pieces can adorn garden houses, home interiors and outdoor rooms.
Recycling metal barrels for outdoor furniture is a smart and eco friendly design idea. Metal barrels can be turned into attractive modern tables, chairs and storage cabinets with lace-like carved designs. These handmade, unusual and appealing outdoor furniture pieces are a great combination of functionality and aesthetics, creativity and eco friendly design.

Outdoor furniture design recycling metal barrels

Green ideas for recycling and creating outdoor furniture of metal barrels
Skillful hands and talents of French designers turned metal barrels into works of art and functional furniture pieces. Unique modern tables, chairs, cabinets, lighting fixtures in various colors and sizes look surprisingly delicate and elegant.
 These amazing artworks are mesmerizing. Lace-like patterns adorns metal surfaces of the unique furniture pieces, creating beautiful masterpieces.

Best living room light

Best living room light

Living room interior decorating is not only about the wall paint, floor treatment and accessories. You need to think about the perfect chandelier to bring illusion in the room. If you like to enjoy the open space at home, you can present big and wide glass window to make the room fresh and fun. The natural lighting can flow inside the house. Thus you do not need to turn on the artificial lighting in the morning. You can get the light from the natural sun light. It is good for you do not need to spend a lot of cash for paying the electricity. When the evening comes, you should turn on the artificial light

There are many types of lighting system that you can install at home based on your need. Without the perfect lighting, you cannot do activities like relaxing, reading, watching TV and playing video games comfortably. The presence of lamps can facilitate those activates. The main lighting in the living room interior decorating is painted by installing an overhead lighting. It usually is placed on the center of your living room ceiling. The size and wattage of your lighting depends on the size of your living room. If you have a big living room, you can set bigger crystal chandelier which can bring each space in the room.

It provides you with ample of light. It is perfect to entertain the guests when you want to hold an important occasion at home. If you like to set the living space as a reading spot, you can pick a floor lamp or table lamp for more illumination when reading a book. Your eyes need to focus so that you need more light for reading. The table lamp and floor can come in modern look with sleek design. If you love with lamp in living room interior decorating, you can choose crystal lamp.


Living room decoration and lighting

1,foyer, lobby, corridor lighting.

The general hall, lobby, corridor lighting lamps selected general spherical lamp small, flat circular or square ceiling lamps, its specifications, size, size and living room should be supporting. Sometimes with a lamp in the doorway. The entrance hall, corridor lights should be the principal and the other room, time points, and the lobby is a public building of the hall, it is important cloth lamp, lighting is often one of the iconic decoration, should be richly decorated, luxurious and exquisite.

2, The living room lighting.
The living room has a reception hall and Home Furnishing large living room, large lounge is a mixed cloth lamp, reflect luxury, exquisite ethnic style. The ideal design is: the number of lighting and brightness are adjustable, so that the family style fully displayed. Commonly used for general lighting and local lighting combination, namely a main light, adding other auxiliary lighting. Such as: wall lamp, Tongdeng, lamp etc.. On the main lighting, if the living room floors in the around 3M, to use the mid-range luxury type crystal chandelier; story in 2.5M below, to use the mid-range of decorative ceiling lamps or without the main light; if the height of more than 3.5M above the living room, can use high grade, size slightly larger chandelier or ceiling lamps.