Choosing the Proper Chandelier Size for Your Room-Part 4

Third: Check the weight limit on the ceiling box

While most pre-installed ceiling electric boxes should support a weight of 50 pounds, you should be sure before you attempt to install it. Remove the existing chandelier and examine the existing box. If it is plastic, the weight and volume should be stamped somewhere inside it. If it is the older metal variety, verify that it is securely fastened to a solid frame. If there was an existing chandelier, look on the mounting strap assembly for the weight. This will give you an estimate of what size will work.


The future of intelligent lighting Not only provides lighting (6)

track trajectory heat lamps
Every office space heating consumes 20% of the total electricity, while QuanLou continuous heating, often cause a lot of waste. In order to minimize the waste, from wisdom city laboratory at the Massachusetts institute of technology introduced a single point of heating concept based on the human body tracking.

Different from the traditional central air conditioning system, MIT proposed to precise positioning to the individual in the space heating, instead of warm or cold wind to cover the entire space. System USES LED bulbs to launch infrared beam directly to the human body, gather around the human body in a comfortable warm light. Based on Wi – F tracking technology, heating device on the ceiling of the beam of light will switch according to the human body movement and movement, like the spotlights on the stage.

If get promotion, this system will greatly improve the efficiency of the existing building heating, in fact, this system by cost is not high also. When we talk about the LED lamp always thought of consisting of small LED bulbs electronic advertising screen, but the new LED bulb, the bulb is more efficient than ever before, the high power lighting, longer service life, even can replace the sunshine and simulate photosynthesis of lighting for plants. That can replace plants of the sun, in the building for human mount small sun, why not also, anyway wi-fi is office building of the standard.

No matter how intelligent lighting system development, its purpose is to provide the light under the premise of better functionality, apply colours to a drawing atmosphere, providing heat, and even the family security is a kind of trend, and can control under the premise of energy consumption, the intelligent lightingsystem in the future will no doubt have a significant impact on our lives.

The future of intelligent lighting Not only provides lighting (5)

Household environment for real-time monitoring of intelligent lamp

      A man named Subinay Malhotra says New York designer has designed a model called the DrOP, the concept of intelligent droplight, it not only has a beautiful appearance, can also according to different needs and environmental change their color, satisfy the pursuit of function and the pursuit of design requirements of users.

The DrOP droplight can transform according to the requirements of temperature, the environment, the user activity and its color, and also can alarm sounds and reminders. At the same time, also can carry out remote control via a dedicated App. When there is smoke, fire, or alien invaders around an emergency alert, and itself to red, to alert users to take corresponding measures.
 DrOP in silicon borate glass as main material, and using the glass manufacturing blow molding technology, can be in internal storage energy, even in the case of a power outage can normal use.
No matter how intelligent lighting system development, its purpose is to provide the light under the premise of better functionality, apply colours to a drawing atmosphere, providing heat, and even the family security is a kind of trend, and can control under the premise of energy consumption, the intelligent lighting system in the future will no doubt have a significant impact on our lives.


Luxury Rich House lights

Luxury Rich House lights
A rich house should look adorable and luxury. Living in a rich home is totally wonderful and excellent. But not all of the people have the privilege to enjoy the rich feeling in the house. If you can trick the luxury style, you can represent the rich atmosphere in the room by using the antique pieces that you can purchase on the secondhand market. The items are sold in low expense. Begin the decoration by defining the floor and wall in the room. You can use the chic chandeliers design for the room.
Now think about the crystal light in the living room. You can finish the house in complicated and busy design. They looks nice in the colorful lights illuminated. The family pictures can be framed and set on the wall for a nice display. The table can be made in curvy design. You can have it with carved edge to represent the elaborate pattern on the furniture. Paint the furniture in gold or deep brown color. The window covering looks glamour if you can set a thick velvet curtain in red color. You can have the curtain in ornate design to bring the interesting and opulent feeling rich house design


Crystal lighting for girls room

Crystal Lighting For Girls Room
In most homes, ceiling for girls room is painted in plain white color. You can make ceiling look adorable, unique and fun with nice paint. You can make it look different by creating a nice theme on the ceiling. You can pick the simple design without making the room look busy and vibrant. The key is to choose the beautiful chandeliers. if you want to make the the room striking and eye catching. Let the decoration focus on the style of your lights. You can skip the neutral hues for they can deliver the boring look in the ceiling. Let decide the right image for your blank canvas on the ceiling.

If you love with adorable style, you can have sky ceiling. It can deliver a nice daytime look.
You can use the combination of blue and white color. The base color can be in pastel blue. You can use white color to paint the cloud in the ceiling. If you want decorative style in the ceiling, you can add a hint of brown. Fill the ceiling with some interesting images of bright sunshine, bird and fairy. Ceiling for girls room can be infused with glow in the dark stickers if she wants to enjoy sparkling look when the night comes.


Dining room chandelier light

Dining room chandelier light
 You need to define the mood to perceive in the dining room when you want to gain interesting room lighting ideas. The chadeliers for your rooms sold in the online and offline stores come in numerous designs and patterns. You can have it bright and soft glow depending on your personal style. If you want to have a romantic dinner with your partner, it is good if you have a dimmer switch to soften the illumination in the dining room. But the festive celebration of birthday party, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter will be great with a bright illumination.
It enables your guests to enjoy the meals and have a chit chat conveniently with family and friends. The lighting is very important especially if the meal is served in the evening. You can have the light installed from the artificial lamps like chandelier, track lighting, pendant lighting or even candles. The romantic dinner looks nice when you lit up the chandelier for room lighting ideas. If you like to invite people for launch or breakfast, you do not need to turn on the artificial lighting. You can open the window and let the natural flow in the dining room.


Choosing the Proper Chandelier Size for Your Room-Part 2

Please follow up the following steps ,it can help you find the suitable chandelier.

First : Figure out how wide the chandelier needs to be

There is an easy method to deciding how small or large the chandelier should be based on the size of the room you are putting it in. Measure the room’s length and width. Take the two numbers you have and add them together. 
For instance, if one wall is 20 feet long and the other is 15 feet, you have a total of 35 feet. If it is not even, say 14 1/2 feet, round it up to the nearest foot. Take your total and change it to inches, which in this case would be 35 inches. Do not convert the actual feet into inches. This means that for a room that is 15 feet by 30 feet, you need a chandelier with a base of 35 inches in diameter. Adding or subtracting an inch or two should be okay, but be careful not to adjust it too much. 
To be continued …


Choosing the Proper Chandelier Size for Your Room-Part 1

How to choose the suitable chandelier lighting for your house ? Please check my share as below : 
Having a chandelier hanging from your ceiling can add a touch of class to your home. It can be a major part of the decor, or it can enhance the existing theme. You can get a chandelier with or without ceiling fans or other decorations, or you can customize them yourself to fit with your home’s style. While most chandeliers will interchange with the existing fixtures, you should take certain details such as size, weight, and height into account before buying and installing a chandelier.


The future of intelligent lighting Not only provides lighting (4)

ocean sky projection can relax
Now we all live in reinforced concrete countless big city, for the nature, seems to have become more and more distant. Since the work is too busy to get in touch with nature, then there is designers came up with other ways for us to let us in the home also can accept the nature of their washing. 

In general, use lightmimic The wave of The Sea or sky, slowly and projected onto The ceiling, live and work to help people relieve pressure, promote sleep projection lamp is common in The market, but The designer Kim Edo brought The “Under The Sea” Sea/sky projection lamp or open up a new idea.

This projector lamps and lanterns has different ever minimalist appearance, at the same time with the function of the projection sea/sky, before the rest of study or work, you can also simply take LED lights turn, will study lamp, a dual purpose.

The future of intelligent lighting Not only provides lighting (3)

                      Smart and save electricity lighting system

Although automated lighting is good, but most of the networking lighting system is still in a relatively primary stage, they are more on the traditional lamps and lanterns has added to the remote control switch and preset automatically adjust schedules, is still far from smart.
As a set of intelligent household lighting system, Light Sentry is expected to cost for the user to save a lot of indoor and outdoor lighting. The system can use natural light sensors to automatically adjust the strength level of lamps and lanterns is needed, the user can also according to the environmental conditions, seasonal change, and even time to adjust.

 Light Sentry component with a set of natural Light sensor, it can monitor the outdoor Light conditions, so as to activate, close, adjust the indoor lighting power consumption. And most importantly, the user does not need to deploy intelligent bulbs, only need to use some simple installation components, Light Sentry system can run on the common lamps and lanterns. In addition to natural Light sensor, Light Sentry also includes a used to interior control and computer synchronization, accept information center, many used to activate the control switch and plug.

Light Sentry the advantage of this design is that it is different from other system data from the Internet for sunrise and sunset, but real-time monitoring the local environment, and maintain synchronization, to ensure that in the different dynamically adjust the indoor lighting, outdoor lighting environment so as to provide the best lighting conditions of the same will power consumption to a minimum.