Bedroom lamp selection techniques

The bedroom is a very important role in the home, whether it is working people or old people or students, bedrooms are very important for us, home environment. A beautiful, warm, elegant bedroom lamp can definitely give your bedroom to add a lot of color. It is up to how to choose the ideal for their bedroom lighting it? Bedroom lamp selection techniques, what does?

1、Bedroom light not too bright. Since the bedroom was originally the rest of the lights should be moderate based. People have a warm feel. Initiative with yellow lights, do not use energy-saving lamps. My living room is also more than a dozen squares, using energy-saving lamps, white, and particularly bright. But feel cold colors. I also used the yellow bedroom mild, so every time into the bedroom feel comfortable.

The bedroom should be more equipped with several lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc., should be able to adjust, mixed use, in order to create a warm atmosphere. Available wall lamps, floor lamps to replace the central interior dome light. Wall suitably low brightness diffuse appearance lampshade materials, so make the bedroom seem moderate light, conducive to rest; also can be equipped with a lamp hanging lamp in the room right place, upload a bedside lamp, and that several lights to separately controlled.