Choose the right chandelier for your room

Crystal chandeliers can change the style of your home furnished, when guests come to visit will be very envious. However, if you choose thewrong chandelier, it is likely to become a major thorn in the side. At this time, everyone wants to avoid such an embarrassing scene, here are a few common mistakes that is the problem when people choose the right chandelier should be considered.
About the wrong size problem: a chandelier if installed in too large or too small space, can make the whole room feel awkward. You do not want to feel completely overwhelmed or chandelier impressed. This is why selecting the right size is essential!
Hanging over / under question: should pay attention to the height of the ceiling at the time of purchase chandeliers, hanging position to ensure that it does not hit someone else’s head, there are more choices, if the ceiling is higher than average, but they need someone care, when it comes to the suspension height.
a chandelier does not have to match your interior design, but it does need to be supplemented. allowing you to check out before buying and decorating advice.of course, you want your new chandelier stand out – and only such a good idea!