Choose the right restaurant lighting

Modern home, the restaurant is increasingly becoming an important venue, good layout of the restaurant, you can create a comfortable dining environment. Due to the different current home apartment, restaurant decoration, lighting an enjoyable contrast layout exquisite dining atmosphere. Therefore, the choice should be based on the restaurant table lamp focus on establishing a primary light source, and then with some of the best auxiliary lights, shapes, sizes, colors and materials, should be based on the size of the restaurant, with the surrounding environment with style accordingly, Here I will introduce the restaurant lighting decoration tips.

Chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, downlights, which are available as an alternative restaurant lamp. If the lower storey room in general, should choose a primary source downlights or ceiling lights. If enough spacious restaurant, choose chandeliers primary light source, matched Wall for auxiliary lighting just the best way. In the choice of the restaurant chandelier, it is necessary to determine the size of the lamp according to the size of the table. Table longer, should use a row of small chandelier composed by a number of styles. The restaurant lights are more focused on creating an eating mood, heighten warm, romantic home atmosphere, therefore, should try to choose warm colors, you can adjust the brightness of the light source.