Choosing the Proper Chandelier Size for Your Room-Part 6

Finally : Put the assembly together after you climb the step ladder

By putting the mounting assembly together before climbing the ladder, you not only save your arms a major aching, but you will remove a huge safety risk. It will be much easier to do this with the chandelier on the floor or sitting on a low table. The chandelier should come with detailed instructions on how to assemble the mounting kit that are specific for your particular product. Some of the mounting parts you need will most likely be on the chandelier you removed. If they are not, you can generally buy them at the same retailer where you purchased your product, or at a local home improvement store.
A chandelier is a part of the decor of your home and should therefore complement the decor, not detract from it. An oversized or undersized chandelier can attract the wrong kind of attention. A chandelier that is too large makes it appear overdone, while one that is too small may look cheap and distracting. When choosing a chandelier, keep in mind the style and size of the room you are putting it in for the best results.