How to choose the right home decoration lighting

Among the modern home decoration, the role is not limited to lighting fixtures have been, and instead I personally believe more strongl,decorative,lamps,because so many people now choose to have the screenwriters lamps,lamps according to different How many properties into various categories, so the choice of lamps also have some difficulty coefficient.lamps like stars in our homes, to bring us in the dark and bright, but the lighting is not good if you choose, this effect is reflected not only does not come out, but also make people feel irritable, and some will even affect the guests came to visit, integrated in which the total of the total reason the choice of lamps described are very important.

In general, the living room to choose solemn, bright chandelier or ceiling is appropriate. If the room is higher or style in Europe and America, it is appropriate chandelier, it will give the living room seem transparent, but not with all the down light chandelier, while the upper space should have a certain brightness to reduce the brightness difference between the upper and lower spaces. If the room is low, add the available ceiling lamps floor lamps, living room looks so bright and generous, with a sense of the times. Lamp shape and color to be coordinated with the living room furniture.