Living room decoration lighting selection techniques

Different lighting has a specific role in the styles of bedroom environment. In general, when selecting lighting to grasp their own overall home style, avoiding the purchase of lighting conflict with the overall decor. When selecting lighting and lighting conditions how is the primary factor considered, then there is to consider different options for different positions of various types of lighting.
living room in general or to choose some bright, gorgeous lighting better shape, decorative chandelier should be a good choice. If the overall emphasis on European-style home, it is the best choice for crystal class lighting with a bright shining lights luxury express a feeling of grandeur. If the home is focused on the classical style, you should choose the style simple and refined elegance of atmospheric lighting to achieve a good home-style uniform.

Wall lights embedded mixed: When installing wall lamp, wall lamp and wall to consider the relationship, and nowadays rich paint colors, you can change the color of the walls, which allows the wall lamp on the wall does not seem isolated. Such as white or light yellow walls, wall you can choose light green, light blue, lake green wall lamp; sky-blue wall can be equipped with white, yellow, brown wall lamp. On the background wall, a prominent Wall lamp, not only to become the crowning touch, but also gives a sense of elegant and fresh.