The correct way to clean crystal chandeliers

1、 wipe crystal beads: When wiping beads, must have soft cloth stained with detergent diluted in water and gently wipe the front and back simultaneously crystal beads.
2、 keep the lamp body balance: If you want to remove the beads all clean, large lamps should pay attention to the balance of the lamp body when demolition beads, not Chai Wan side and then split the other side of the body tilt caused by light, it should be around, with the demolition
3、 wipe bracket accessories: When wiping stand, accessories, do not wet a soft cloth dipped in alcohol is not particularly water, to avoid abrasions protective film plating layer outside the influence of the surface glossy effect lighthouse.
4、 pay attention to safety: Wipe lighthouse, to cut off the power supply; wipe clean after removing the bulb should put something; precession when the bulbs should be appropriate, too loose will produce poor contact; may be screwed tight bad bulb.
5、buy special cleaning agent sprayed on crystal lamps, cleaning agents will evaporate together with dust and dirt; crystal pendant can also be removed soaked in kerosene, until softened stains with detergent wash, dry and then install go up.


1、 do not rotate the lamp body: When cleaning lamps, do not rotate the lamp body, so as not to loose thread, causing unsafe incidents.
2、 check the link components: light body should also check the robustness of the link pieces found loose screws to tighten smoothly, there is a dangerous spiral slip teeth should be replaced immediately to ensure safety.
3、 keep the bead flat: When cleaning beads (especially on the pull-down network part) found beads twisted (with a spring round or oval buckle clasp, prone to this phenomenon), should be adjusted to achieve the spre

ading effect; If you are using flat “Butterfly Rings” series, the attention to be consistent positive buckle outward, inward interface, can only beautiful, unity.