The future of intelligent lighting Not only provides (2)

 The future of intelligent lighting  Not only provides lighting(2) 

Smart bulb lights change with the film
Philips and Syfy movie companies, especially the timeline for the plot and content changes automatically preset lighting program , even if you are streaming via Netflix or Amazon Instant Video online viewing , the system can also bring light after the automatic identification changes. Syfy Sync as the network ‘s second -screen interactive applications that can automatically identify the movie or TV show where a part has been played , then the relevant content to show up on the iPad or iPhone, then choose a different scene , according to the different circumstances lighting configuration.

After open the function, through the voice on the screen of the match, can bring immersive experience for the user. Such as the shark from heaven 2: once again “in the movie, if the plot development to underwater, then all the lights will automatically switch to blue, bring us as if place oneself the sense of undersea world.