The future of intelligent lighting Not only provides lighting (5)

Household environment for real-time monitoring of intelligent lamp

      A man named Subinay Malhotra says New York designer has designed a model called the DrOP, the concept of intelligent droplight, it not only has a beautiful appearance, can also according to different needs and environmental change their color, satisfy the pursuit of function and the pursuit of design requirements of users.

The DrOP droplight can transform according to the requirements of temperature, the environment, the user activity and its color, and also can alarm sounds and reminders. At the same time, also can carry out remote control via a dedicated App. When there is smoke, fire, or alien invaders around an emergency alert, and itself to red, to alert users to take corresponding measures.
 DrOP in silicon borate glass as main material, and using the glass manufacturing blow molding technology, can be in internal storage energy, even in the case of a power outage can normal use.
No matter how intelligent lighting system development, its purpose is to provide the light under the premise of better functionality, apply colours to a drawing atmosphere, providing heat, and even the family security is a kind of trend, and can control under the premise of energy consumption, the intelligent lighting system in the future will no doubt have a significant impact on our lives.