The future of intelligent lighting Not only provides lighting (6)

track trajectory heat lamps
Every office space heating consumes 20% of the total electricity, while QuanLou continuous heating, often cause a lot of waste. In order to minimize the waste, from wisdom city laboratory at the Massachusetts institute of technology introduced a single point of heating concept based on the human body tracking.

Different from the traditional central air conditioning system, MIT proposed to precise positioning to the individual in the space heating, instead of warm or cold wind to cover the entire space. System USES LED bulbs to launch infrared beam directly to the human body, gather around the human body in a comfortable warm light. Based on Wi – F tracking technology, heating device on the ceiling of the beam of light will switch according to the human body movement and movement, like the spotlights on the stage.

If get promotion, this system will greatly improve the efficiency of the existing building heating, in fact, this system by cost is not high also. When we talk about the LED lamp always thought of consisting of small LED bulbs electronic advertising screen, but the new LED bulb, the bulb is more efficient than ever before, the high power lighting, longer service life, even can replace the sunshine and simulate photosynthesis of lighting for plants. That can replace plants of the sun, in the building for human mount small sun, why not also, anyway wi-fi is office building of the standard.

No matter how intelligent lighting system development, its purpose is to provide the light under the premise of better functionality, apply colours to a drawing atmosphere, providing heat, and even the family security is a kind of trend, and can control under the premise of energy consumption, the intelligent lightingsystem in the future will no doubt have a significant impact on our lives.