The right choice for the bedroom lamps

In the modern home life, the role of lighting is not limited only to lighting, lighting is a work of art, 
an ornament, we will now look at how to use light to increase the indoor temperature and create an atmosphere appropriate mix of family adds a winter warmth.

The key is the atmosphere of the bedroom, the rest of the personal privacy of the bedroom is the room is the bedroom and soft lighting design elements, so as to ensure the owner of emotional relaxation. The bedroom lighting to warm to warm yellow tone. Meanwhile, on the bedside before insert tube lighting or wall lamp, can also be embedded in the Curio tube lighting, the room more romantic and comfortable atmosphere. In addition, according to preferences and personal style of interior decoration lighting suitable light source color in the winter with yellow, red, purple is the most appropriate. High color temperature of the light source will appear fresh and bright theme, the use of high color temperature of the light source in low light situations will make the room look pale. From nightlights tend to be more considerate than the dome light.