4 Perfect Spots for small Chandeliers

Small crystal chandeliers are perfect for- children’s rooms but there are many other places in your home where a smaller crystal is ideal. Normally, chandeliers tend to be the stand-out element in an interior design – the focal point of the room. With a small chandelier, you get something a bit more subtle, but no less beautiful. Here are a few places that you can put your crystal chandelier:

Walk-in closet – Why does clothing does need to be boring? If you have a closet that’s nearly big enough to be a room, a small chandelier can add a bit of glam to all the shelves and hanging clothes.

Bathroom – Another space that you don’t necessarily think of as being big enough or fancy enough for a chandelier, a bathroom can be transformed with a new chandelier as a part of a makeover.

Breakfast nook – Typically a casual, smaller space, a breakfast nook doesn’t need to be overwhelmed with a regular chandelier. Get a mini one instead!

Office – Want to feel important? Sure, that big desk helps, but a mini crystal in your office will make you feel like a king!