Decorate my house with chandelier

Home lighting fixtures are playing an more and more important role in our daily life ,whether it is in your school ,office or at your home ,you will always find the lighting fixtures .I never had a deeply feeling until I began to decorate my home .
At first ,I realized that the feel of the room can change when it comes to home light fixtures . Contemporary crystal  and Maria Theresa chandeliers can bring your house a fashion feeling . Wrought Iron and traditional chandelier make your home have a retro feeling .
What is more ,when I choose the chandeliers for my rooms .I realized that I should pay attention to my home furniture style.  The light fixture should blend in your home theme very well .For example using warmer and cozy light for a softer feel of the room would be perfect.
Of course , except the lighting fixtures ,you should also consider the fans ,painting color ,etc ,when decorating your house .
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