The basic concept of lighting

Lighting: two kinds of light, direct light and scattered light, resulting in directional lighting and diffuse lighting

a) functional lighting fixtures, lighting intensity 5, the highest level: reading lights, work lights, table lamps, barrel lamp

b) general lighting, light intensity 1, the lowest level: Ceiling

Restaurant: on the table plus the chandelier, so people just enjoy a meal at the table color, flavor and taste delicious, people have more appetite. If you are a large family, then the chandelier restaurant is very important, very atmosphere. Chandelier hanging not too high, nor can diffuse lighting, to not look too “hazy.”

Nest on the couch watching TV, often need to look at magazines, newspapers or something, need a direct directional lamps (a floor lamp with a lamp, coffee table or on the line), light intensity reached 5, so the next to add a 3 intensity atmosphere light, if the sofa behind the wall painting.