The basic structure of the lamp

Constitute the general lighting
in the actual production process, we will generally be subject lighting products into lamps, lamp parts packages and packaging materials to install three parts, each majority and are composed by a variety of spare parts, and ultimately form a tree structure.

1、A lamp body: constitute the main components of the lamp shape and achieve a combination of lighting functions.
2 、lighting installation parts package: the lamp body to users install the necessary components (excluding installation tool).
3 、Packaging material: lamp body to ensure safe delivery and installation of parts necessary to the user a variety of protective material.

Bulb (light) form
  1、 Press the bulb and lamp holder (holder) connections can be divided into bayonet and screw type, etc., according to the bayonet and screw nominal diameter (mm) can be subdivided into B22, B15, E11, E12, E14, E17, E27 (E26), E39 etc.
 2、 pick the glass part of the bulb shape can be divided into spherical bubble, bubble tip, wax tail bulbs and so on.
Press the bulb glass surface treatment can distinguish between light and
transparent bulb, frosted bulbs, white bulbs, colored bulbs, etc. Press the lamp bulb using a voltage divided 120V, 220V bulbs.
3、 divided by the rated power of the lamp 25W, 40W, 60W, 75W, 100W, 150W and so on.