The important role of lighting in the home decoration

Lights, is a tool of lighting, modern home life is essential; lights, but also a space modified language that can be interpreted more fascinating and charming home.

European style home environment, should consider the use of crystal lamps or chrome, stainless steel, gold and other metal pieces crafted lamps; Chinese style furniture are advised to mix with ceramic containers for lighting the lamp holder with oriental elements. Select lighting, should be based on the overall home style, lifestyle and personal preferences to choose

In the relationship between the shape of the lighting and home space, in the past there are some law to follow, such as a restaurant to go with round lights to match the Chinese people round the table, the bedroom also with round lights, meaning of dreams, and the living room would formulation lights. Today, more and more emphasis on individuality, choice of lighting to be decided solely on the basis of personal preference. It was also the clever use of lighting mash mash such a test is very personal and cultural connotation and skill.