Three styles of lighting design trends

1、 European-style lights become fashion weathervane
Currently approaching style luxury villa style developed countries, so the traditional lantern must be toward Continental, American direction, in the choice of villa decoration lighting, we often consider the trend in Europe and America, is more conducive to detailed light backgrounds and cultures to customers , especially in the western lantern culture. In addition, the use of these lights and ornamental than the strong, and compare with a personality, but also the majority of consumers favor products, vitality in the market longer.

2、Crystal Light continued to represent the mainstream lighting
Crystal Light because of great visual beauty, reflecting the fine living, have distinguished quality, is a symbol of luxury, will also become a popular trend. Plus more and more white-collar workers, this type of consumer groups advocating individuality, freedom, beautiful, personalized modern crystal lamp just to meet such needs. Now home decoration grades are also increasing, especially black crystal lamps, now in the application of high-end villas and bungalows between Chengdu template fields wider than before.

3、Growth in demand for minimalist style 
With the urban population is gradually increasing work pressure, faster and faster pace of life, struggling to cope with urban youth work desire for refined and elegant leisure life more and more intense. Lighting to create a home as the most important element in a casual atmosphere, lighting has a casual style will gradually become the first choice of home lighting urban youth in the next 1-2 years.