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Crystal Chandelier Cones

“cone shaped”-world

Browse Pine Cone Chandeliers and Enjoy Free Shipping, No hassle Returns and The Shop By Size/Shape. Large Chandeliers; Small/Mini Crystal Chandeliers; Small Chandeliers Cone Shape 4-light Antique Copper Crystal Chandelier This cone-shaped chandelier will look great in your foyer or entryway. Glistening clear crystals descend with these luxurious Swarovski® Large Pendants (Chandelier Swarovski 8741 Crystal Pear Shape Pendant Swarovski 8560 Cone Stone Pendant


The basic concept of lighting

Lighting: two kinds of light, direct light and scattered light, resulting in directional lighting and diffuse lighting

a) functional lighting fixtures, lighting intensity 5, the highest level: reading lights, work lights, table lamps, barrel lamp

b) general lighting, light intensity 1, the lowest level: Ceiling

Restaurant: on the table plus the chandelier, so people just enjoy a meal at the table color, flavor and taste delicious, people have more appetite. If you are a large family, then the chandelier restaurant is very important, very atmosphere. Chandelier hanging not too high, nor can diffuse lighting, to not look too “hazy.”

Nest on the couch watching TV, often need to look at magazines, newspapers or something, need a direct directional lamps (a floor lamp with a lamp, coffee table or on the line), light intensity reached 5, so the next to add a 3 intensity atmosphere light, if the sofa behind the wall painting.

The important role of lighting in the home decoration

Lights, is a tool of lighting, modern home life is essential; lights, but also a space modified language that can be interpreted more fascinating and charming home.

European style home environment, should consider the use of crystal lamps or chrome, stainless steel, gold and other metal pieces crafted lamps; Chinese style furniture are advised to mix with ceramic containers for lighting the lamp holder with oriental elements. Select lighting, should be based on the overall home style, lifestyle and personal preferences to choose

In the relationship between the shape of the lighting and home space, in the past there are some law to follow, such as a restaurant to go with round lights to match the Chinese people round the table, the bedroom also with round lights, meaning of dreams, and the living room would formulation lights. Today, more and more emphasis on individuality, choice of lighting to be decided solely on the basis of personal preference. It was also the clever use of lighting mash mash such a test is very personal and cultural connotation and skill.


Give a different look to your dining room

Want to give a different look to your dining room? Take a look at the below ideas . They’re all practical and made for a dining room that’s convenient and functional.
Pick a purple tablecloth
Go for a luxurious and purple tablecloth.You can use this one with a white satin tablecloth that touches the floor. This will help you give your dining table a two-tone look. Use this look for a special day or occasion. You can use a purple tablecloth with a pink one as well. This will help you host a party in style. Go for plastic banquet table rolls available at Exquisite if you want waterproof tablecloths. Also, check out some purple round tablecloths if you have a round dining table. You can simply wipe and clean these tablecloths.

Brighten up your dining room with pendant lighting

Go for a simple crystal chandelier which brightens your home décor. Pick Arctic’s Simple fashion sitting room clouds pendant light and add drama to your home. This masterpiece will surely add a splash of elegance to your dining room. Adjust this light’s height according to your need. This pendant lighting fixture features all the accessories which are needed for installing.

Pick an attractive centerpiece for your dining table

You can pick a colorful vase and put some artificial flowers in it. Place this vase in the middle of your dining table to make a great centerpiece. You can also check out some more distinctive centerpieces like a gold star or disco ball centerpiece.

Pick a grand china cabinet to make your home functional as well as stunning

Go for a grand china cabinet to organize your home in a better way. You can place your dinnerware, decorative items and several other items in these cabinets. Go for espresso, beige, black or white cabinet to make your dining room stand out.

Some products -keep your kitchen organized and neat

Usually our kitchen is not good enough to accommodate many people . We have limited space in the kitchen or in living room . Especially when you have a baby,you will realize that the space is not enough!  We need some change ! Take a look here at some products that can help you keep your kitchen organized and neat:

Kitchen step stool chair
Think of kitchen step stool chair  that you or an older child can use while you’re busy with kitchen chores or when you want to give your feet a quick and much needed rest. A Red Retro step stool slides in and out easily and doesn’t occupy much space. It’s convenient when you need that extra-reach for an overhead light fixture or other items stored in the top most shelf. The counter-height stool also has a vinyl padded seat and back when you want to rest for a moment. Strong and sturdy steel tube construction with over-molded step treads provide secure footing.

Pot rack ceiling mount

If you’ve liked the kitchen step stool chair idea, think of other ways to utilize your kitchen space efficiently. Have you ever thought of a pot rack ceiling mount. An Enclume Décor oval, classic pot rack with grid is a great storage idea. You can organize your pots and pans for easy retrieval so you spend less time in the kitchen. With this rack, you can hang up your utensils and other cookware from the ceiling and free up cupboard and drawer space for other essentials. It’s sturdy as it’s made with heavy gauge stainless steel eastern maple wood. It doesn’t need much in the way of maintenance. A wet wipe and then a dry wipe keeps it going for years. The pot rack ceiling mount is handy to mount over a kitchen island or in a joint-free nook. If you’re a DIY kind of a person, it is also an easy job for you to make your own customized ceiling rack.

Drop leaf table

A drop leaf table is an ideal arrangement when you want additional space near the kitchen or in the dining room. A Regatta round, teak wood, drop-leaf table is space-saving and can accommodate additional guests. It comes with an umbrella opening with self-storing plug.

beautiful crystal world

                                        beautiful crystal world 

CrystalChandeliers, ceiling light designs and wall lighting fixtures from sunwe are impressive, striking and elegant. Unique lighting fixtures are fantastic and innovative, and look like gorgeous works of art in modern interiors.

The crystals are composed with each other for creating unique lighting fixtures with strong two dimensional frames that supports the weight. Contemporary crystal chandeliers, ceiling light designs and wall lighting fixtures look like dramatic jewellery items in different classic forms, – circular, elliptical and rectangular.

Largecrystal chandeliers from sunwe are dazzling and dramatic. White, yellow, green, black and red crystals design unique lighting that let the gravity emphasize their beauty and charm, stretching crystal light designs and playing with their reflections.
Amazing white, yellow, green, black and red crystal chandeliers by sunwe bring luxurious lighting designs into modern interior decorating.

Crystals hang from circular, elliptical and rectangular frames and appear woven into transparent fabric. Light reflects, bouncing through this amazing structures, creating the atmosphere of modern art and splendor.


Decorate Recycling Tableware and Kitchen Utensils into Lighting Fixtures

Decorate Recycling Tableware and Kitchen Utensils into Lighting Fixtures
Recycling ideas that turn clutter into impressive and unique lighting fixtures look truly amazing. 10 unusual lighting designs prove that creativity is boundless. Metal and wooden spoons, folks and knives, combined with miss-matched porcelain cups can make stunning centerpieces which are also functional lighting fixtures.
            Creative handmade chandeliers recycling tableware

Creative and unusual lighting fixtures made with flatware, kitchen utensils, mugs and tea cups are an innovative alternative to lacking interest chandeliers and ceiling lights. Handmade lighting ideas add personality to interior decorating while helping to declutter rooms and storage spaces.
          Bright lighting fixture created with clear glass mugs

Uniquelighting fixtures, adorned with layers of spoons, folks, knives and tea cups look striking. Easy to make decorations, these lighting fixtures dramatically transform interior design and create surprising, eye-catching and very artistic centerpieces.


4 Perfect Spots for small Chandeliers

Small crystal chandeliers are perfect for- children’s rooms but there are many other places in your home where a smaller crystal is ideal. Normally, chandeliers tend to be the stand-out element in an interior design – the focal point of the room. With a small chandelier, you get something a bit more subtle, but no less beautiful. Here are a few places that you can put your crystal chandelier:

Walk-in closet – Why does clothing does need to be boring? If you have a closet that’s nearly big enough to be a room, a small chandelier can add a bit of glam to all the shelves and hanging clothes.

Bathroom – Another space that you don’t necessarily think of as being big enough or fancy enough for a chandelier, a bathroom can be transformed with a new chandelier as a part of a makeover.

Breakfast nook – Typically a casual, smaller space, a breakfast nook doesn’t need to be overwhelmed with a regular chandelier. Get a mini one instead!

Office – Want to feel important? Sure, that big desk helps, but a mini crystal in your office will make you feel like a king!


Shabby Chic Chandeliers

Shabby chic is one of the most “in” trends in the world of interior design in the past few years. So, what is shabby chic? The “shabby” refers to the vintage style of many of the pieces. However, it’s also “chic,” meaning that everything is put together just right. Shabby chic designs are composed of mix matched furniture and eclectic accessories. The color palette tends to have a lot of whites, with neutrals and pastels being other core elements of the overall design. When it’s all put together, a shabby chic design has a soft, feminine feeling overall.

What kind of lighting should you choose for a shabby chic room? Lighting is very important for this design as these spaces are characterized by the light, airy, open feeling. Our hand painted chandeliers are ideal for the shabby chic color palette, such as the one featured above. Other colors available include pink, ivory, and pear green. SunWei Lighting also has antique style chandeliers. These light fixtures are perfect to add to the vintage feeling of the room while still adding that feminine touch with the sparkling crystals.

Visit to browse through the entire collection of crystal chandeliers to find the perfect one for your home.