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How to choose the restaurant fixtures

Modern home, the restaurant is increasingly becoming an important venue, good layout of the restaurant, both to create a comfortable dining environment, but also make the room considerably. Due to the different current home units, in the form of the restaurant there are several circumstances. For different situations restaurant, also need to consider the appropriate placement method.

Detached Restaurant: This form is the most ideal. Note that the tables, chairs, cabinets and arrangements shall be placed with a combination of restaurant space, but also to allow a reasonable space for the activities of family members. Such as square and round the restaurant, the choice of round or square dining table, center placement.

Kitchen and dining merger: the need to be careful not to make the kitchen cooking activities disturbed, nor undermine dining atmosphere. To try to make the kitchen and dining room have a natural partition or so away from the kitchen table setting, preferably on the table lighting.


Chandeliers Attractiveness Show 2 U

What is the first thing that goes through your mind when you hear the word chandelier? Well, as most people do, you tend to think about luxury, palaces or medieval castles. And you are right to do so.

But, as we all know, chandeliers have become a much more accessible item to us now than they were in the yesteryears. Yes, they are generally related to mansions and sophisticated villas, and can easily be associated with riches and wealth. But anyone can afford to bring a chandelier into their home, whether it is a modest apartment or a larger household.


Three styles of lighting design trends

1、 European-style lights become fashion weathervane
Currently approaching style luxury villa style developed countries, so the traditional lantern must be toward Continental, American direction, in the choice of villa decoration lighting, we often consider the trend in Europe and America, is more conducive to detailed light backgrounds and cultures to customers , especially in the western lantern culture. In addition, the use of these lights and ornamental than the strong, and compare with a personality, but also the majority of consumers favor products, vitality in the market longer.

2、Crystal Light continued to represent the mainstream lighting
Crystal Light because of great visual beauty, reflecting the fine living, have distinguished quality, is a symbol of luxury, will also become a popular trend. Plus more and more white-collar workers, this type of consumer groups advocating individuality, freedom, beautiful, personalized modern crystal lamp just to meet such needs. Now home decoration grades are also increasing, especially black crystal lamps, now in the application of high-end villas and bungalows between Chengdu template fields wider than before.

3、Growth in demand for minimalist style 
With the urban population is gradually increasing work pressure, faster and faster pace of life, struggling to cope with urban youth work desire for refined and elegant leisure life more and more intense. Lighting to create a home as the most important element in a casual atmosphere, lighting has a casual style will gradually become the first choice of home lighting urban youth in the next 1-2 years.

How to Choose a Modern Crystal Chandelier

You’ve already decided that you want a modern crystal chandelier,but now the question is: which one? There contemporary chandeliers at Sun Wei Lighting come in a great variety of styles that appeal to various tastes. Of course, the first thing you need to think about is practicality.

One of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself is: How much light do you need?

There are a number of factors that influence the amount light that your chandelier will emit into the space. You should think about how many lights you need. Chandeliers can have four lights, 12 lights, 37 lights, and many more in between! Lights can also be muted by choosing a crystal chandelier with a shade.

Another important consideration is the size. This depends on where you plan to put the chandelier. Before shopping for a chandelier, you need to have a clear idea of where you’ll put the chandelier and how it will fit into the space. Different chandeliers hang at different heights, so you absolutely should make sure that no one will hit their heads on it!

The rest is mostly matter of personal preference. Do you like small chandeliers or art
crystal chandeliers? Tree of crystal chandeliers or pendant chandeliers? Browse through to find your perfect chandelier!


Small Crystal Chandeliers for a Teenager’s Bedroom

Not all teenage girls are into glitz and glamour, but for those that are, a small crystal   chandelier is the perfect bedroom accessory. It’s hard to get the approval of a teenager, but we think that these chandeliers will definitely impress her. They give a room that extra glam she’s sure to love. And as for parents, they’ll love the prices.

Which chandelier should you choose? As you can see above, the chandeliers range from simple designs to elaborate ones. This is really just a matter of personal preference and working out how the chandelier will fit in with the room’s interior design. The same rule goes for the chandelier color. While the white chandeliers pictured above will match with a whole range of color palettes, SunWei Lighting also has a variety of other color choices to choose from. It’s up to what you like!

So where should you hang the chandelier? There are several options, depending on its use. First and foremost, a chandelier also provides the useful purpose as a light source. What do you want to illuminate in the bedroom? The chandelier can serve as a central light over the bed, a task light over the desk, or any other space of uses.


Different choice ,different feeling

As we all know , lighting not only help you do all your jobs effectively ,but it also helps you create a new look to your house . Want to bring your home a modern feeling ,please note the below ideas.

Use track lighting and accent lighting

This is an artful combination that can be used to put spotlight on your living room’s artwork or vintage furnishings. Track lighting and accent lighting fixtures use halogen bulbs and emit bright white light. The light of these fixtures make colors more accurately comparatively to the ordinary incandescent bulbs. Go for this combination if you want an extra sparkle for wood veneers and picture frames.

Pick the right ceiling fixture

A ceiling fixture can make or break the look of a room. You can pick the Fredrick Ramond 6 inch mini Pendant from opus one for a small room. You can also install this one on the ceiling that is over your dining table. The Opus collection presents this subtle but modern fixture made from Brushed Nickel. Featuring an opal and etched glass, this one comes with an optional colored glass.

Use string lights for a dramatic effect

Go for unique patio string lights that are not too small. You can check out the White Rattan ball patio party string lights and pick similar ones. Lightball offers these amazing patio string lights that add a soft glow to your backyard, to your patio or to your home’s front. These lights are not only for outside because they can add a lot of charm to your indoor decor.

Use paper lanterns

Pick inexpensive globe-shaped paper lanterns that cast a soft, even and multi-directional light. This kind of light is pleasing as well as effective. You can pick a paper lantern of any size and shape. Use either standard incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs in such a lantern. You can hang several paper lanterns on a kid room’s wall to make it lively. Use red, yellow, green, purple, pink, orange and brown paper lanterns for a cheery look.

Application of meals chandeliers in life: Lighting & Decoration

Application of meals chandeliers in life: Lighting & Decoration

Along with people Home Furnishing decoration requirements increasing, various surfaces is also increasing, Meals chandeliers as decorative lights restaurant, not only to play the role of lighting,but also can play the role of beauty.

First of all in the pendant lamp on the choice, the user can not blindly according to their own preferences to select their own house, must be clear about the overall style of the decoration, and the specific layout of the restaurant. If the restaurant room is independent, so it does not need to consider the impact of dining room chandeliers for the overall style, and now the streamlining of house area, restaurants are often linked together with the living room, so dining room chandeliers on the choice must consider the specific living room decoration style. 
Secondly, the concrete material, size, height of choice in dining room chandeliers, because of the difference of family restaurant height, so for meals chandeliers selection must know in advance the house restaurant height. At the same time according to the surrounding environment layout selection, height is not the general commodity house restaurant is too high, is generally two meters, this restaurant can use pendant type meals chandeliers, otherwise will lead to the overall style of procrastination restaurant.
At the same time, as the home to install a sufficiently bright chandelier meal is a good choice, food flavor, color reflected directly by the lighting effects. Therefore, the light of chandeliers meals will affect the user’s appetite to a certain extent.


how to choose the decorative chandelier?

how to choose the decorative chandelier?

the chandelier play the role of lighting in the dark, different chandelier also reflects some decorative effect, make indoor living room became more ornamental, chandelier is very suitable for living room, various chandelier installation reflects different style of living room. But not any chandelier are suitable for home style, whichever have their own style, then how to choose it?
in general, luxuriouschandelier is suitable for composite type of residential, indirect low-voltage lantern it is suitable for ordinary residential,. we buy energy-saving light source need to install chandelier, choose the full metal material inside and outside the consistent chandelier. This can assure the quality of chandelier electroplating 
 At present the most advanced is crystal chandelier, we carefully check when we buy crystal chandelier in market , because most of those are made of imitated crystal, imitated crystal material is using high-tech materials, however, fake crystal lamp made of plastic material, its quality is totally impossible,.there are several types of crystal like crystal glass bar chandelier, crystal glass chandelier modeling midrange, natural crystal cutting shapes chandelier, crystal glass pendant chandelier etc.. 
In the living room foyer area, can be placed the classical appearance Chinese chandelier, when people came in, you can feel warm and cheerful atmosphere, however Chinese pattern show guests that this is a traditional family. It is to note is: lamp specifications, style and living room should be supporting. In addition, if want to highlight the screen and decorations, you need to add the lamp. 

people like to pursuit fashion, to catch up with the pace of the times, the modern chandelier style is very popular, reflects the social reality of high-tech products, according to their own favorite to choose the chandelier, so you can very well suited to live by yourself.

The basic structure of the lamp

Constitute the general lighting
in the actual production process, we will generally be subject lighting products into lamps, lamp parts packages and packaging materials to install three parts, each majority and are composed by a variety of spare parts, and ultimately form a tree structure.

1、A lamp body: constitute the main components of the lamp shape and achieve a combination of lighting functions.
2 、lighting installation parts package: the lamp body to users install the necessary components (excluding installation tool).
3 、Packaging material: lamp body to ensure safe delivery and installation of parts necessary to the user a variety of protective material.

Bulb (light) form
  1、 Press the bulb and lamp holder (holder) connections can be divided into bayonet and screw type, etc., according to the bayonet and screw nominal diameter (mm) can be subdivided into B22, B15, E11, E12, E14, E17, E27 (E26), E39 etc.
 2、 pick the glass part of the bulb shape can be divided into spherical bubble, bubble tip, wax tail bulbs and so on.
Press the bulb glass surface treatment can distinguish between light and
transparent bulb, frosted bulbs, white bulbs, colored bulbs, etc. Press the lamp bulb using a voltage divided 120V, 220V bulbs.
3、 divided by the rated power of the lamp 25W, 40W, 60W, 75W, 100W, 150W and so on.