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10 Crystal Chandeliers To Own — Chapter 2

Chandeliers are gorgeous in today’s interior design. You have the choice of keeping the traditional look of the past or starting a new trend of your own!

3 – Cascade, by Murray Feiss – $340.00 to $1010.00
Elegant transitional design by Murray Feiss. Made of steel and sparkling crystals
4 – Vol de Cristal, by Fine Art Lamps – $5187.00 to $11340.00
The Vol de Cristal Collection presents innovative lighting designs evocative of wings in flight. Graceful sweeps of tapered beveled crystals are precisely set in metal wings and feature an airy platinized silver leaf finish for a refined visual effect to uplift any traditional or contemporary setting.


Crystal Chandelier VS Beauty

Crystal chandeliers are definitely one of the most popular and well-known types of chandeliers in the world. They are an exceptional element of taste and style which can literally brighten any room. And when I say “any”… I mean any.
But you have to take into consideration the style of your home and of the specific room in which the chandelier will be installed. They come in a lot of designs, shapes, and sizes but they have to be in harmony with the room (thank you, logic!).

The kind of crystals used in a chandelier can also be made from different materials such as: glass crystal, rock crystal, Asfour lead, or Waterford crystal. Amber or black crystals have a more dominant look and create a bigger impression on the viewer , but they are also distinct and imposing.

If you are a true vintage fan and want to have a Victorian, old-fashioned atmosphere in your home, you can opt for a clear crystal chandelier made from 100% pure crystal. They are the statement piece of this type of chandelier.


10 Crystal Chandeliers To Own — Chapter 1

Crystal chandeliers are perfect to add some extra glamour and elegance to your home. From styles that range from traditional to modern, crystal lighting is pure luxury. The combination of light, crystal, and glass creates a gorgeous visual effect that fits a variety of spaces. The aesthetic appeal of crystal chandeliers makes it a beautiful statement piece, whether the light is on or off.

Check out some of of our favorite crystalchandelier designs:

1 – Vixen, by corbett – $782.00 to $3968.00
The transitional Vixen chandelier is sure to enhance any room in your home. Made of hand-crafted iron, accented by the additional sparkle of a fall of crystal beads.

2 – Crystal sensation, by ET2 – $1698.00 to $2598.00

Beautiful C shaped channels of polished chrome support elegant strands of illustrious Egyptian crystal. This crystal is brought to life by numerous LED modules concealed within the frame.

Simple turn to beauty onetime

Displaying an impressive contemporary white theme and elegantly adorned with crystal lighting. By employing a harmonious mix of furniture items and decorations, a seamless transition between spaces was achieved. Chrystal chandeliers were used as focal points, each room glowing with appeal.

Feast your eyes on this impressive lighting collection displaying an immaculate design. We particularly like the idea of “handmade”, which is why we salute this project and looking forward to seeing it on the global market.


The metal support however doesn’t seem to “blend in”;  what do you think? 


Perfect Light For Living Room Interior Decorating

A good light can bring a different feel to the room

Living room interior decorating is not only about the wall paint, floor treatment and accessories. You need to think about the perfect lighting to bring illusion in the room.

If you like to enjoy the open space at home, you can present big and wide glass window to make the room fresh and fun. The natural lighting can flow inside the house. Thus you do not need to turn on the artificial lighting in the morning. You can get the light from the natural sun light. It is good for you do not need to spend a lot of cash for paying the electricity. When the evening comes, you should turn on the artificial light.