Storage baskets

More and more people like the Shabby chic interior design .Such a decor is opulent yet cottage-style at the same time.  If you want to give your home a shabby chic look then here are some ideas you can use to do so.

Pick some wire or bamboo baskets

Storage baskets are not only functional. They can also be decorative. Some storage baskets can make your home look warmer. You can pick a large bamboo jute basket from Crate and Barrel. Made from 90% jute and 5% bamboo, this basket is ideal for the deep shelves of your pantry. It will slide easily without scratching the wooden shelves. It has two open handle openings which make them easy to hold. You can also check out a small wire basket made from steel. Don’t forget to check out the collapsible Swan wooden basket available at Overstock. This is a very cute one.

Install storage shelves with baskets

Install a storage rack that has shelves. Your rack should have versatile storage shelves with baskets or storage space. Such a rack provides you a place for everything. The Winsome Omaha storage rack is fashionable as well as functional. Featuring three fold-able baskets, this rack will help you get organized in no time.

Use old candle holders

You can use some old candle holders to light up your place mildly. You can also use some old light fixtures as candle holders. This will help you to use the existing stuff to decorate your home.

Use old but clear jars to make great center pieces

Use some artificial or original flowers to decorate your living room’s table. Put these white or baby pink flowers in a clear glass jar to make a stunning center piece. If you don’t like the look of the clear jar then you can cover it with a cloth or a decorative paper.