The basic structure of the lamp

Constitute the general lighting
in the actual production process, we will generally be subject lighting products into lamps, lamp parts packages and packaging materials to install three parts, each majority and are composed by a variety of spare parts, and ultimately form a tree structure.

1、A lamp body: constitute the main components of the lamp shape and achieve a combination of lighting functions.
2 、lighting installation parts package: the lamp body to users install the necessary components (excluding installation tool).
3 、Packaging material: lamp body to ensure safe delivery and installation of parts necessary to the user a variety of protective material.

Bulb (light) form
  1、 Press the bulb and lamp holder (holder) connections can be divided into bayonet and screw type, etc., according to the bayonet and screw nominal diameter (mm) can be subdivided into B22, B15, E11, E12, E14, E17, E27 (E26), E39 etc.
 2、 pick the glass part of the bulb shape can be divided into spherical bubble, bubble tip, wax tail bulbs and so on.
Press the bulb glass surface treatment can distinguish between light and
transparent bulb, frosted bulbs, white bulbs, colored bulbs, etc. Press the lamp bulb using a voltage divided 120V, 220V bulbs.
3、 divided by the rated power of the lamp 25W, 40W, 60W, 75W, 100W, 150W and so on.


10 Crystal Chandeliers To Own — Chapter 2

Chandeliers are gorgeous in today’s interior design. You have the choice of keeping the traditional look of the past or starting a new trend of your own!

3 – Cascade, by Murray Feiss – $340.00 to $1010.00
Elegant transitional design by Murray Feiss. Made of steel and sparkling crystals
4 – Vol de Cristal, by Fine Art Lamps – $5187.00 to $11340.00
The Vol de Cristal Collection presents innovative lighting designs evocative of wings in flight. Graceful sweeps of tapered beveled crystals are precisely set in metal wings and feature an airy platinized silver leaf finish for a refined visual effect to uplift any traditional or contemporary setting.


How to Create Perfect Dining Room Decor with Modern Furniture, Accessories and Lighting Fixtures

How to Create Perfect Dining Room Decor with Modern Furniture, Accessories and Lighting Fixtures
Dining areas add unique spaces to modern homes. Here is a guest post that shares tips for creating beautiful, comfortable and modern dining areas and suggests attractive ways to add personal touches to stylish, flexible and functional dining furniture with lighting fixtures and decorative accessories.

Choosing the right dining furniture

Alongside your dining table your display cabinet will form one of the centerpieces of your living space. A glass-fronted display cabinet will also give you the opportunity to identify what you have stored away at a glance – a feature that will come in very handy if you have an impromptu dinner guest and need to set an extra place at your table.

Selecting lighting fixtures

For a touch of extravagance at non-extravagant prices, why not try a mid-pricedchandelier? Wall lighting fixtures can also brighten up a dining room without being too overbearing while overhead modern lighting dangling directly over your dining table can create a more intimate dining room atmosphere. it is important to fit dimmer switches so that you can adjust light levels according to your mood and the guests you are entertaining and create cozy and pleasant dining room decorating in style.

Personalizing room decor

If your dining room is only going to be reserved for special occasions, you may want to lay out your place settings in advance so that are ready to be used at anytime while adding an inviting look to your dining room decorating.

Storage baskets

More and more people like the Shabby chic interior design .Such a decor is opulent yet cottage-style at the same time.  If you want to give your home a shabby chic look then here are some ideas you can use to do so.

Pick some wire or bamboo baskets

Storage baskets are not only functional. They can also be decorative. Some storage baskets can make your home look warmer. You can pick a large bamboo jute basket from Crate and Barrel. Made from 90% jute and 5% bamboo, this basket is ideal for the deep shelves of your pantry. It will slide easily without scratching the wooden shelves. It has two open handle openings which make them easy to hold. You can also check out a small wire basket made from steel. Don’t forget to check out the collapsible Swan wooden basket available at Overstock. This is a very cute one.

Install storage shelves with baskets

Install a storage rack that has shelves. Your rack should have versatile storage shelves with baskets or storage space. Such a rack provides you a place for everything. The Winsome Omaha storage rack is fashionable as well as functional. Featuring three fold-able baskets, this rack will help you get organized in no time.

Use old candle holders

You can use some old candle holders to light up your place mildly. You can also use some old light fixtures as candle holders. This will help you to use the existing stuff to decorate your home.

Use old but clear jars to make great center pieces

Use some artificial or original flowers to decorate your living room’s table. Put these white or baby pink flowers in a clear glass jar to make a stunning center piece. If you don’t like the look of the clear jar then you can cover it with a cloth or a decorative paper.


6 Great Tips and 25 Modern Dining Room Decorating Ideas

6 Great Tips and 25 Modern Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Floor tiles, laminate and hard wood floor are the best options for dining room decorating in homes with young children. Folding dining tables are a space saving furniture for modern dining room decorating that allows to maximize space in small rooms and create multifunctional interior design.

Functional and modern dining room decorating ideas
1 Durable and strong floor decor materials and large dining table design bring comfort into dining rooms. Practical and durable, simple natural decor materials are especially great for dining rooms in eco style and for homes with young kids.
2. Modern lighting fixtures, like chandeliers and hanging lamps are ideal for creating cozy and beautiful dining room decorating.
3. Attractive wall decor and table centerpiece ideas, floral arrangements or decorative vases without scented candles, help create stylish and interesting dining room decorating.
4.Light paint colors are great for ceiling designs in dining rooms. Light paint colors raise the ceiling and make living spaces feel airier and more spacious. Light warm colors improve mood and create very cozy, inviting and festive atmosphere in modern dining rooms. Dark color shades can be combined with light room colors to add elegance and coziness to dining room decor. 

5. Moldings and two level ceiling designs in classic or contemporary style are excellent ideas for breezy dining room decorating.

6 Symmetrical dining room decorating ideas feel more formal. The dining table, placed in the center emphasize the formal task of the interior, but other furniture pieces, like wall shelves, cabinets and house plants can add asymmetrical details to modern dining room decorating and compliment interior design with surprising accents and unusual furniture placement ideas.


Decorate my house with chandelier

Home lighting fixtures are playing an more and more important role in our daily life ,whether it is in your school ,office or at your home ,you will always find the lighting fixtures .I never had a deeply feeling until I began to decorate my home .
At first ,I realized that the feel of the room can change when it comes to home light fixtures . Contemporary crystal  and Maria Theresa chandeliers can bring your house a fashion feeling . Wrought Iron and traditional chandelier make your home have a retro feeling .
What is more ,when I choose the chandeliers for my rooms .I realized that I should pay attention to my home furniture style.  The light fixture should blend in your home theme very well .For example using warmer and cozy light for a softer feel of the room would be perfect.
Of course , except the lighting fixtures ,you should also consider the fans ,painting color ,etc ,when decorating your house .
I was so happy with worldchandelier where I got a large variety of lighting fixtures . Check out it to get nothing but the best!


Crystal Chandeliers For A Child’s Bedroom

Crystal chandeliers for children’s rooms are the perfect way to incorporate style and luxury without sacrificing safety and fun. Kingdom Lighting offers a wide selection of modern crystal chandeliers for kids. With designs ranging from pink crown chandeliers to whimsical waterfall styles, Kingdom Lighting’s selection is the perfect way to carry your style vision into your child’s room. Check out our top sellers!

Top Selling Chandeliers For Kids’ Rooms:
  1.  3-arm Pink Waterfall Chandelier: The frame of this beauty is made of wonderfully hand-painted crystal chandeliers. Once that is complete, genuine crystals are added to complete the unique design. The chandelier is 16″ in width and 17.5″ in height and works with almost any room’s ceiling fixtures. Little girls will love the look!
  2. 3 Light Crown Gold Crystal Chandelier: This gem is fit for any prince or princess. Indulge your little one’s royal fantasies with this mini gold chandelier. Made with real gold and crystals, these pieces are custom made and hand crafted and can be shipped to your home in three to four business days.
  3. 5-arm Cinderella Pink Crystal Chandelier: This chandelier comes without shades and offers unbeatable light quality for any young girl or boy. With a variety of colors to choose from, the Cinderella chandelier is perfect for any child. Shades can be ordered to match, if desired.
Check out our selection and start dreaming up the perfect decorating scheme for your little one’s room.

Crystal Chandelier and Mixing Metals

A common cause of confusion when choosing your crystal chandeliers concerns mixing metal finishes. Does it clash? 
Or does it match?

The crystal chandeliers and light fixtures from Kingdom Lighting come in a variety of finishes. Metal finishes include chrome, gold, bronze, and brass. This article has some great suggestions for creating certain interior design styles with metal combinations.

For a modern design, they suggest combining wrought iron and chrome
If you’re more of an artistic design fan, stainless steel and copper make a great look together
A lavish home will often mix burnished copper and gold fixtures
For a timeless look that never goes out of style, choose silver and gold finishes

What look do you want to create in your home?