Crystal lighting for girls room

Crystal Lighting For Girls Room
In most homes, ceiling for girls room is painted in plain white color. You can make ceiling look adorable, unique and fun with nice paint. You can make it look different by creating a nice theme on the ceiling. You can pick the simple design without making the room look busy and vibrant. The key is to choose the beautiful chandeliers. if you want to make the the room striking and eye catching. Let the decoration focus on the style of your lights. You can skip the neutral hues for they can deliver the boring look in the ceiling. Let decide the right image for your blank canvas on the ceiling.

If you love with adorable style, you can have sky ceiling. It can deliver a nice daytime look.
You can use the combination of blue and white color. The base color can be in pastel blue. You can use white color to paint the cloud in the ceiling. If you want decorative style in the ceiling, you can add a hint of brown. Fill the ceiling with some interesting images of bright sunshine, bird and fairy. Ceiling for girls room can be infused with glow in the dark stickers if she wants to enjoy sparkling look when the night comes.