Crystal Chandelier VS Beauty

Crystal chandeliers are definitely one of the most popular and well-known types of chandeliers in the world. They are an exceptional element of taste and style which can literally brighten any room. And when I say “any”… I mean any.
But you have to take into consideration the style of your home and of the specific room in which the chandelier will be installed. They come in a lot of designs, shapes, and sizes but they have to be in harmony with the room (thank you, logic!).

The kind of crystals used in a chandelier can also be made from different materials such as: glass crystal, rock crystal, Asfour lead, or Waterford crystal. Amber or black crystals have a more dominant look and create a bigger impression on the viewer , but they are also distinct and imposing.

If you are a true vintage fan and want to have a Victorian, old-fashioned atmosphere in your home, you can opt for a clear crystal chandelier made from 100% pure crystal. They are the statement piece of this type of chandelier.